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scarecrow_band's Journal

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Japanese musicans
This community is for all talk about the band SCARECROW.

Vocals - Michihiro Kuroda:
. websight - http://www.66mk.com/
. Twitter - @Michihirokuroda
. Mail - kuroda@66mk.com

Guitar - Kenichi Ito:
. Websight - http://www.k-ito.ne.jp/news.html
. Mail - http://msg.ameba.jp/pub/send/index?toAmebaId=k-ito-info
. Blog - http://ameblo.jp/k-ito-info/

Bass - Ishibashi Masanori:
. Websight - http://b-bassie.com/
. Twitter - @Bassieoffical

Drums - Hideki Mizue

. Websight - http://blog.asd.fool.jp/
. Twitter - @hideki_mizue


. websight - http://www.scarecrownet.com/
. BBS - http://66mk.com/cgi-bin/scarecrowbbs.cgi
. Blog - http://ameblo.jp/blog-scarecrow/

And finally linkies for the mods!!

. Websight - http://soulreciever.livejournal.com/
. Twitter - @soulreciever
. Mail - soulreciever@yahoo.co.uk

Kitsune Kaya:
. Twitter - @kidea_desu

Soul is now trying to update this com with some form of information at some point every week, she can't promise it'll allways be about the band as a whole given how 'lazy' they are sometimes but she will at least try to make it in depth and accurate!!

Both the mods want this com to reflect the fun and friendlyness of the band it's dedicated to so don't be scared to make introduction posts or posts in general...though some band relivance please ^ . ^
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